How do I winterize my water softener?

In cold weather climates it is common for plumbing systems that are not in use to be “winterized” or drained of all water to prevent any damage that may be caused by the excessive expansion of water when it freezes.  To prevent damage to a water softener it must be properly drained also.  Refer to your water softener operations manual for proper procedures or call your local Hellenbrand dealer for assistance.

How often should I change the filters on the RO drinking water system?

Filter changes are based on your water usage, you should contact your local dealer for routine maintenance on your RO; if you prefer to do the maintenance yourself, filters you may need depending on your model of equipment can be ordered and sent to you or picked up at your local Hellenbrand dealer.

Is a Hellenbrand water softener easy to maintain?

Contact your local Hellenbrand dealer to discuss salt delivery right to your home. Your Hellenbrand dealer can assess your salt usage so you get the salt you need, when you need it. Your Hellenbrand dealer can set up a yearly maintenance visit to conduct a 10-point inspection of your water softener, from checking the time setting, salt level, and water level in the salt tank to looking for leaks.