Why Buy Badger?

Ask Yourself these questions and weigh your options. We’re sure you’ll realize the cost savings and quality products we offer will save you money over the big box stores, internet, or high cost corporate sponsored dealers.

  1. Do I want to purchase a unit with no service backing and spend the same amount again in 2-3 years when my unit malfunctions and there is no one to fix it?
  2. Do I want to spend a lot of extra money on a corporate brand softener, only to find there were less expensive options and better quality systems out there with a better warranty?
  3. Do I want to deal with a 1-800 number for service or have to sit home all day to wait for service in a 6 hour window?
  4. Did I answer NO to any of the above questions? Purchase from Badger.
  5. Do I want an Product built in Wisconsin and America with a local service number and a manufacturer from the state?
  6. Do I want a dealer who knows the local water and will test to match the product to my needs and wants?
  7. Do I want an independent dealer who can offer any product, not just what the corporate office tells me to sell. Therefore offering the latest and most advanced systems on the market?
  8. Did I answer YES to any of the questions 5 through 7? If so, purchase from Badger