New Home

Welcome to your new home!

When you’re building a new home the quality of water is critical in protecting your new plumbing fixtures, tiles, pipes, & water heaters. Keep these details in mind during the process of construction. It is critical to inform your plumber and water treatment professionals of your desires before rough in plumbing occurs and especially before basement rooms and ceilings are dry walled in order to prevent changing of piping configurations.

  • Determine where you would like the equipment located, (generally close to the pressure tank , meter or pump control).
  • Determine what type of water you would like to supply to your fixtures soft cold, soft hot, filtered only hard, and last cold hard raw water.
  • If this planning is occurring before basement cement pouring, have the plumber install a stand pipe drain close to the area where water treatment will be installed to keep the drain lines from equipment near the wall, therefore not creating a trip hazard if drains would need to be ran to the floor drain. Have your plumber pre-plumb for a water softener and filter if needed by leaving a “loop” or bypass piping for your equipment. Your home may require a 4 (four) line system .
    • 1) raw well water usually plumbed to only the outside spigots.
    • 2) Cold filtered water only, usually plumbed to the kitchen sink cold water, bar sinks and icemakers. This is generally the case in areas of high iron or sulfur in the well water. (Some people may choose to have these fixtures hooked up to soft water, this is just personal choice.)
    • 3) and 4) Cold and Hot softened water to the remainder of the house. You may request a second faucet for hard water or filtered water at your sink in addition to a single handled faucet that would serve only hot and cold soft water. It is important to separate the kitchen cold, ice makers, and bar sinks on a separate line from the outside spigots in order to allow the choice of better quality water to these fixtures, other then the raw well water alone. If home is located in a known high iron or sulfur area, this 4 line approach is highly recommended with the use of pex distribution piping.
  • Make sure a electrical receptacle is also provide near water treatment equipment.
  • If you desire drinking water (Reverse Osmosis) distributed to an area above a finished basement, the necessary plastic water lines may need to be run prior to dry walling.
  • If you are considering reverse osmosis drinking water at the kitchen sink or bar sinks, have the plumber connect the main sink cold water to softened water. If your counter tops are made of granite you will have to have them pre drilled for a separate faucet for drinking water (¾”). Badger Soft Water supplies separate faucets designed for use with reverse osmosis in a variety of colors. (Special finishes may be an extra cost)
  • If your new home is going to be serviced by a private well, as soon as the well pump is installed and running water is available, Call Badger Soft Water for a free water analysis. This will determine what the quality of your water is and what type of water conditioning equipment we will be recommended for your specific application. New wells may require quite a few hours flushing water out of the new well to acquire an accurate test to clear drilling debris and chlorine residual from the well after drilling.